SYDE QUEST DEV LOG #3: New Title screen / "box art" New engine! (mz)


Took a day or so off but got back into it after making a new title screen. Lots can and will change with this game so if you want to see something in the game the best way to see it is to leave a comment on one of the dev logs!

Also got the newer RPGMAKER MZ engine which is mostly the same but offers a few improvements as far as future proofing any games I make using a more updated engine. I can transfer our progress from the old engine in to MZ. The primary benefit of MZ for the player will be a much cleaner experience if using touchscreens. I will be able to get a new version up by the next dev log using the new engine, and with updated title screen! Also looking to add a few sound effects (phil's voice), more battles, and more items. 

The title screen is a rip off of "kings quest VI" by the way, a game I am very fond of as it was one of the few titles I had in my youth.