Syde Quest Dev Log #2: Screenshots and First Test Release

    Above are some screenshots showing a good taste of what is in the game. Mostly dialogue, with a test combat. About a half dozen scenes, but not fully designed. Experimenting with a weird style having his real life apartment in the background (thanks kiwi farms)

`I am quickly making progress and seem to have caught a few peoples interest on twitter. I made a draft so a few people can test the game if they are curious, but please be aware this is pre-alpha (I literally just created it in a few hours since the last dev log) As a close follower of the game development - you have access to the secret link just below. It lets you play this pre-alpha release even though the game is unpublished.


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My next release will take a little longer, but hopefully you guys will be willing to leave some feedback so I can add whatever you want to see. If it's within reason of the game engine's limitations.