Syde Quest Dev Log #1: Introduction

     I have thought of an idea that may be successful for everyone interested. My mission is create a fun project for us but also to market my creativity. Syde Quest will feature a main character that is very similar to a known youtube and twitch content creator, Darksydephil. For legal reasons this video game is a parody and all likenesses to real life counterparts are merely 

    So just what the hell is Syde Quest? Im gonna make a substandard game in RPGmaker. Being that this is a project for a niche community, when the time comes I will need members to participate in testing as well as giving suggestions and criticism. I basically just came up with the idea, so for now I will just create a "Dev Log" of my progress to promote interest. 

Here is an design image of the "walking character"

And a "battler character"

Some things that can happen

RPG style with item and battle systems.

Can be ported for release on the android google play store

Can be played on most devices through browser plugins

Somethings that can't happen

Something other than and rpg. I am using rpgmaker so there are things I can do but 

Multiplayer. I want this project to remain limited in scope, plus I don't have the ability to do something like that alone. 

Next we need,

A few items.

The first level.

Enemy ideas.

First boss?

Npc ideas.