Silver Dogecoin (Press Kit Asset)

    Why am I making this? The original dogecoin symbol is fine, but the image of a dog may not scale well in photoshop or the color scheme of bronze may not fit the aesthetics of the individual using dogecoin. This is an alternative reskin or the dogecoin design which can be used in press releases, avatars, memes, storefronts and more.

    This asset may be used by any individual who is working on their own project. I suggest using the open source photoshop clone GIMP to remove my branding on either corners, and shrink to fit to your desired size. The image is currently sized for US letters (think white shirt with a home press)

    If there is enough interest I can try to make a range of pre-sized assets. Please let me know what you would like to see by commenting or messaging me on twitter. Willing to make banners and button sized images just need the suggested size. Going to see if this will work on a shirt.

    Will make a printable black and white flier that store owners or random people can use to show that they "accept doge here." Will also link to the official doge site for instructions on wallet use. (for customers.) Flier could be hung somewhere like a laundry mat, magic the gathering tournament, or the community room of your workplace.