Free Printable Cold Storage Wallet for Any Device and Any Cryptocurrency (Blockchain Wallet Instructions)

What is this?

This a generic, black and white (easily printed) sheet which can be used by new comers and veterans alike to easily template and record new seed word/passphrase combinations on the fly. The detailed instructions are for new members and serve as a reminder for veterans on the practices we expect new members to keep. Because this only uses a small amount of black ink and is sized for us printers, you can easily share this with family and friends. Many people I know are hesitant to start crypto, so I also created this as a way to condense all of the important information as much as I can, while also providing a useful tool which will aid in maintaining an expected level of self responsibility and security. 

I suggest you print the blank wallet sheet and write your words on after printing with a decent pen or even a sharpie. Store seedwords and passphrases on a PC, even one without an internet connection currently. Remember that you are ultimately in control and responsible for the security and integrity of your seedwords and passphrases. It is the only way you, or anyone else can interact with your wallet. Meaning if you lose the words no one can help you recover your coins, and if someone steals your seed words they can easily recover them the same way you can, with nothing stopping them but your passphrase.

With a healthy level of security you should not have to worry about bad actors. The biggest challenge will be securing these words for yourself and protecting them from others. You can always create a new wallet if you need to,and it is suggested new participants start with a "test" amount of funds which you will not miss if you sometimes lose them. After becoming confident you will easily be able to navigate wallets using seedwords and pass words. Remember: It is always best practice to keep your finances to yourself, just as you would in any other circumstance.


After locating the genuine "core" version crypto wallet (through google)

of the cryptocurrency(s) you wish to hold, print this sheet.

You will be asked by the wallet program to write down a set of

"seed words" and usually at least one "password"

Make sure to number the order of the seed words correctly.

Make sure to triple check all seed words and passphrases.

Seed words are needed to create your wallet on the blockchain.

They can be used to recover your coins on any device, by anyone.

Passwords are used as a "key" when combined with seed words.

If you lose your seed words, no one can ever restore your coins.

If you lose your password, no one can ever access your coins.

WARNING: If anyone gains access to this paper or your seed words

and passwords - they can recover and easily steal your coins.

(These are the storage suggestions by Satoshi Labs)

Where to keep your recovery seed?

In a locked drawer, away from water and fire.

In a place where no potential thieves are likely to access it.

Somewhere where your family members will find it

if something unexpected happens to you.

Where NOT to keep your seed?

Shared or public spaces (e.g., your office work desk)



Anywhere online

Offline (digital) backup (e.g., phone, digital photos, etc.)

Encrypted folder

Version 2